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Designed for those born under the sign of Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd) The Leo bracelet is made with genuine Red Onyx and Stainless Steel. It's the perfect accessory for tapping into your inner star power and owning your regal nature!

Leo, is the sign of the wild! Show off your cosmic style making a bold statement every time you wear this red onyx astrological bracelet. Let your majestic traits roar! (And don't worry, it won't bite.)

Get ready to transform into the feline queen you were born to be and show off your fabulous traits of this Fire Sign: glamorous, assertive and self-centered. Leo bracelet is here to light up your life and have you shining like the sun!

Handmade in the USA by Shamánika



Natural Red Onyx beads, Stretchy Elastic String and Stainless Steel Beads.

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Fits from 6 inches to 7 inches

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